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Friends Only!

This Journal is Friends Only.
Please leave a comment if you wish to be added.
Let me know why you want to friend me and how we might know each other.
If you just randomly add me I can almost guarantee I won't add you back
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I'm going to be doing a friends cut in the next day or two. There are people that I just don't talk to or read anymore so there is no point keeping them on my list... Nothing personal for those who get cut!
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Kinky Christmas givaway!

Come on over to fetlife and "Sit on Santa's Lap" You can chose your top 3 out of 217 kinky presents and you might just win them!! They have some seriously kick ass stuff. You dont have to be into the scene hard core or anything. Even if you just like corsets, come and at least take a look!

Also, friend me while you are there. My name on fetlife is the same as it is here!
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POD Delivery is officially set for Saturday!! We have it for a week and then are headed back to Jersey!! If you are ANYWHERE near us and can help with the packing it would be greatly appreciated!!
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Friends cut

I'm doing a friends cut. If I cut you and you want back on, let me know. If I didn't cut you and you want off, let me know that too. No questions on either account... I just want to wipe the slate clean
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In which I whore myself out AGAIN!

I realized I didn't leave a way for people to actually pay for the stuff, so I figured this might be a bit easier!

PIck up to four colors for your item:



or Spiral:

If you have friends who might be interested feel free to point them here, as I have made the post public!